The Mentally Healthy Workplaces and COVID-19: Emerging Issues

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The Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance have released a series of resources for emerging issues related to COVID-19. The Emerging Issues series provides organisations with insights and tips to address key challenges impacting workplace mental health while also offering guidance and support.

Helping people return to workplaces after extended periods working at home during COVID-19

As staff physically return to the usual workplace with the easing of restrictions, many people may feel “re-entry anxiety” as they return to the office. This guide is designed to help organisations to understand and manage challenges employees returning to work may face.

Strategies to support wellbeing of decision makers through periods of sustained pressure  

COVID-19 has massively challenged decision makers as they have had to navigate their way through the new normal, implement new ways of working and also manage stress and anxiety within their teams. Critcial decisions have had to be made quickly and under uncertain, stressful circumstances, which may have effected their mental health.

Identifying and managing fatigue and burnout during COVID-19  

Fatigue gives rise to issues in the workplace like safety, productivity, quality, customer services and the overall health of people. All of these are business critical issues and fatigue is something that needs to be taken seriously.

The hidden impact of COVID-19 and sleep

Did you know one in five Australians are affected by a major sleep disorder? And Covid 19 has accelerated this issue and many people have experienced disrupted sleep which can have major impacts on physical and mental health.

Creating mentally healthy hybrid teams in the recovery from COVID-19  

While hybrid work brings many benefits to employees and workplaces, there are challenges for managers to bring out the best in their team in this new operating environment. It is important to provide information and resources so businesses can recognise the benefits hybrid work may provide to their own workplace.

Responding to varied COVID-19 concerns in the workplace    

This guide helps organisations identify some of the potential concerns their people may experience ( vaccination hesitancy, fear of infection, differing preferences for health and safety measures or even a sense of judgement or shame for contracting the virus) and presents ideas for addressing these within the workplace.

Supporting people experiencing post-COVID-19 syndrome

People affected by post-COVID-19 syndrome can experience ongoing symptoms such as fatigue, breathlessness, chest pain, mood, sleep and memory problems which may affect their ability to complete their work to their usual standard. This guide helps organisations understand the impact of post-COVID-19 syndrome and provides some steps to support their people experiencing these symptoms.

Mental Health Supports

If you are concerned about yourself or a colleague, help is available through these free and confidential supports.