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We view mental health as a continuum which requires a spectrum of solutions.

We help teams understand their role in self-efficacy and pro-active behaviours for self-care and resilience. Our skills training also ensures employees and leaders are equipped to provide immediate assistance to colleagues, direct reports or customers who might be developing or experiencing a worsening mental health problem, or who may be in crisis.


Mentally Healthy Workplaces Program

Untreated mental health conditions cost Australian employers $10.9 billion every year

Don’t know where to start to create or improve mental health in your workplace?

Based in Adelaide with the capacity to deliver services across Australia, we have been helping organisations to embed a culture where employees feel supported, happy and productive while reducing the psychological risk to the workplace.

Employers have a legislated duty to provide a safe workplace with an equal focus on both physical and mental health, as well as a social responsibility to ensure their staff are safe at home.

As part of a free-one hour consultation we can identify areas which need consideration and discuss the steps you can take for lasting results – not just tick a box.

The next step is to start introducing mentally healthy practices including training, policy and leadership development.

Step 1: Book a free one-hour consultation

Step 2: Start introducing mentally healthy practices into the workplace.

Step 3: Measure your success and see your results

We can provide you with the basics to get started or we can be there every step – it’s your choice.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Suitable for a wide range of workplaces, as well as people of all ages and backgrounds

Mental Health First Aid is a nationally recognised evidence-based course which gives your employees, managers and leaders the skills and confidence to have supportive conversations. It has been proven to increase knowledge, early intervention, and reduce stigma within the workplace.

We are accredited to provide a a wide range of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training including:

  • Standard MHFA
  • Youth MHFA
  • Blended Mental Health First Aid for the Workplace
  • Blended Mental Health First Aid for Tertiary Students
  • Refresher Courses

We also facilitate specialised courses to assist with difficult conversations including:

  • Gambling Problems
  • Suicide
  • Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

Mental Health Awareness

Building Healthy Workplaces & Leadership

We offer training sessions which, depending on your organisation, can run from 1 hour through to half a day.

  • Thriving Minds – mental health awareness in the workplace
  • Thriving Minds – Managers and Leaders
  • Workplace Resilience
  • Mental Health and Performance Management
  • Workplace Alcohol & Other Drug Training
  • Stress Management & Self Care
  • Tricky Conversations- Communication 101

Need something else? We offer Tailored Training Solutions too.

Tailored Training Solutions

Training can be developed to suit your objectives

Need something specialised?

Mindseye Training and Consulting are specialists in mental health and drug and alcohol tailored short courses for workplaces and community organisations. Training can be developed or customised to suit your objectives.

Mindseye Training and Consulting can deliver services on site at your workplace or organisation at a time convenient to you. 

If you would like short courses, extended courses or a mix of all that we offer, please contact us to see what we can design for you and your business.